1970-81 Camaro/Firebird Keyless Entry Kit

1970-81 Camaro/Firebird Keyless Entry Kit




Product Description

Keyless entry kit from Modo Innovations, install remote power door locks in your muscle car.  This is a full featured keyless entry system that allows you to unlock and lock your doors by remote key fob. This kit has all the parts needed for the installation (Modo brackets optional). This system also allows you to add horn honk or starter interrupt as an option. Choose a basic install or all of the features that this system offers.

Features include:
- lock and unlock your doors
- dome light supervision
- parking light flash
- horn honk (requires optional relay)
- starter interrupt (requires additional optional relay)
- Programmable remote key fob for other equipment

Kit includes: Omega REC-12 (keyless unit), Omega DLS (relay bank), SPDT 30/40 relays, MES door lock actuators, door looms, wire, connectors and detailed installation instructions.