2010-13 Center Stripe

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2010-13 Center Stripe


This product includes:

hood, roof, trunk and spoiler stripes 


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Product Description


This stripe covers the top of the raised area of the hood and then goes down roof, trunk and spoiler. It starts at the front of the hood and continues to the top edge of the spoiler at the back of the car. Has a round finished appearance on the front edge and rear spoiler. Roof has XM area pre-cut for an easier install. Includes hood, roof, trunk and spoiler stripes. Available for 2010-13 Camaro coupes only, will not fit convertibles. 

Stripes are designed to fit the rear spoilers pictured. If you have a different spoiler than the one pictured or you are unsure which spoiler you have, be sure to contact us before ordering. Stripe kits are not universal.