2010-13 Camaro Gen5 Concepts Afterburner Tail Lights

2010-13 Camaro Gen5 Concepts Afterburner Tail Lights

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Product Details

Developed and manufactured by Gen5 Concepts, these are modified brand new tail lamp housings for all 2010-2013 Camaro. The lights utilize your factory bulb so there are no rings and no need for additional wiring. Rather than using rings these lights have been modified to create the effect that GM had on the original Gen5 concept Camaro that never made it to production. We provide brand new tail lights that install the same way as your current lights, no extra wiring. Each housing is cut open with care and reassembled with a waterproof guarantee.

We can also include a full set of 4 LED tail light bulbs and needed resistor harnesses if you want to upgrade your bulbs to brighter Profile LED red bulbs while doing the swap. LED bulbs have a 3 year warranty. LED bulbs will increase light output. Resistor harness is plug and play, no cutting or splicing required.

These lights fit all 2010-13 Camaros, including 2012-13 ZL1 Camaros.

Easier install, we have installation available for free at our shop.