2010-15 Camaro LED Side Marker Bulbs

2010-15 Camaro LED Side Marker Bulbs


This product includes:

All side marker bulbs for 1 car ( front & rear for both sides ) 


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Product Description

Sidemarker, corner, or indicator LED bulbs will add a nice touch to the exterior of the vehicle, by providing a brighter color rather than a washed-out color created by factory incandescent bulbs. The yellowish color of the factory bulb shines through the red or amber lens to create a light yellow or orangish color. By using LEDs, you will achieve a crisp, vibrant color. The brighter cool white bulbs will provide the best light output, especially if your car has smoked or painted lens. Includes 4 bulbs - front, back, left and right. The installation is 100% plug-and-play, just swap your factory bulbs for the LED bulbs (instructions included)!