2016-18 Camaro Narrow Dual Full Length Stripes

2016-18 Camaro Narrow Dual Full Length Stripes


This product includes:

Stripe sections for front bumper, nose, hood, roof, trunk, spoiler and rear bumper


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Product Description


These Camaro stripes are full length bumper to bumper dual stripes. They are narrower than our wide stripes, they go inside the hood vents on the hood and have a narrower roof section. The stripes have a 1 inch gap between the two stripes and taper to fit the shape of the hood. Stripes are precut to length and shape. They do not require removing the hood vents on Camaro SS for stripe installation. Requires removing the rear bowtie emblem, which can be reinstalled after stripes or left off. You have the option of adding a pinstripe ($10 extra) or no pinstripe. The kit includes extra pinstripe and the pinstripe will need to be cut to length. We can modify the stripes to fit other options as long as you are able to bring your car to our shop. They will not fit aftermarket hoods or different spoilers, contact us before ordering if your car has a hood or different spoiler. Will not fit 2016-18 convertible Camaros.