Hinson LSx Spark Plug Wire Boots

Hinson LSx Spark Plug Wire Boots


This product includes:

(8) Plug Wire Boots, plug wires not included


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Product Description

HINSON Motorsports is proud to release these protective boots made for LS engines. These boots are designed to protect the spark plug wire and boot from damage due to the exhaust heat. They will also provide some protection to the wires if they come loose from the harness and lay on exhaust components. These two layers of fiberglass help insulate and protect wires from temperatures up to 1200° F. 

The 8" no ring boots are the best option for the new GM LSx V8 engine configuration that feaures short plug wires per cylinder coil packs. They do a great job protecting the plug wires and boots from thermal damage. Unlike shorter options, these boots cover the full length of the wire from the cylinder head to the coil pack. Much easier to install than similar products. Made in the USA. Available in black, red or blue.